Thursday, 27 May 2010

The party starts again!

The second round officially started: we’re open for voting again! Did you vote in the first round? Please use the same data to log in. Thanks in advance!

Although voting is also a part of this next round, a lot is different. Maybe especially with me. On May 18 it was possible to upload the book proposal and so I did. Monday, May 24, voting was added, but for some reason I didn’t felt any urge to ‘jump into the mail’ and ask people to vote. It was no indifference. It felt peaceful. To let it simmer for a while. Trust. Something like that.
So I went on the vote-journey myself and made a Dutch manual for the voting process, so even without any knowledge of the English language people could find their way on the site.

That evening Stuart, one of my NTSA colleagues, had a very useful tip about pasting images into the online book proposal and gratefully I went to work. And it made the proposal even more ‘me’! So it was obvious: this was the reason I hadn’t ask to vote yet! It wasn’t really done yet! And now it was.
But still I didn’t feel like ‘this is a good time to reach out’. Striking, but I just listened to it and let it go. Helped by this major inflammation in a back tooth that needed a root canal treatment. So I did have some distraction…

And Tuesday evening, May 25, Peter forwarded a message. He had ask a interpreter he knew to help us edit Henry’s Vision and to show us his working procedure, he had send a part of the book with his changes. And guess what…it was exactly the part of the book I share in the book proposal! And the changes made it all even better, so I uploaded this new version immediately! And now there was no doubt: NOW it’s ready to go!

So our news letter was send yesterday and the second round officially begins now for us! And of course, I would appreciate it VERY much if you would vote for me!
And as you may know by now: you can vote for more authors (one vote per author) so I do hope you’ll have time to check out others, because the offer is great and good!

Thank you!!!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The next step is made…

As I´m up to my ears in my freelance job on Tuesday, I was quite surprised by this unexpected need to put my book proposal on the site. I had already finished a first draft, but I hadn´t looked at it anymore and suddenly there was this urge to get going.
So I took out this first attempt and read it very carefully. Besides needing some small additions, I still had a good feeling about it. I then took the time to figure out how it all worked (thanks to a helpful video it was no problem) and put it on there. To find out that it was more exciting then I thought! It really felt as a huge and powerful step, that even made me emotional. Very unusual.

And I felt proud, because I really stayed true to myself. We were giving some guide lines, that I kept in the back of my mind, but soon I felt restricted by them and decided to be true to myself.
Not a strange decision for me, because this fitted one of the most obvious processes of the last few months: being true to myself and showing myself as I really am. Not the image I think ‘they’ expect or what is easier to handle for some people. And that made it a very personal story, that I support completely.

Proud too, because suddenly I saw my own growth very clearly. As a control freak and perfectionist, the end result was always extremely important to me. And primarily the end result as I wanted it. Only then it was okay. And now, with this COOPetition, the end result is not an issue and plays no part in my decisions. During this Next Top Spiritual Author I realized that I really focus on the process! It is quite a step out of my comfort zone, so I stumble across many emotions, that I recognize and look at. And that’s it. That’s where my focus is. So unusual to find myself at this point!
And don’t get me wrong…I really want to move on to the third round, but it is not my goal. It is my goal to show myself as I am. That intention has been of overriding importance from the start. Taking myself seriously, taking my message seriously and taking it ‘out there’.
That’s what I’m doing and yes, it’s still very scary at times. But it also releases a power I can’t even put into words. Immense.

Today I made another step. The book proposal, the marketing plan…it’s all in place and on May 24th a part of it will become visible to everyone. Undoubtedly this will become a very exciting period again. Can I count on your support again? I hope so!!!

Friday, 7 May 2010

YES!!! I made it to round 2!!!

Last night I came home from a few days seminar with Steve and Barbara Rother (highly recommended, by the way!) and I had just left a message on my forum that I was home, when an e-mail came in…The Next Top Spiritual Author…although the first round ended last Monday, May 3rd, it still was not clear who made it to the second round. So it was like they had waited for me to come home:-)

Anyway, with Peter on my side I went to the list. The authors were put on with their ID number, so that made the search easy. Number 1475. YES!!! I am on the list!!!
So to everybody who took the trouble of voting for me: thank you VERY much! De next few days I will keep myself busy with writing the book proposal and marketing plan…. EXCITING!!!!