Thursday, 24 June 2010

Would you like to know Henry's Vision on (the illusion of) incapacity? You can find it here

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New ''pitch''

As you know - or could know :-) - the Next Top Spiritual Author Coopetition is in it's second round and I thought I was ready...well, basicly I was, but it didn't mean I was done:-) Along this NTSA way I found a new passion: making movies. And Xtra Normal makes it very easy and very fun: you write your scenario down and this site turns it into a movie. How cool is that?
Well, I love it and had a lot of fun creating this interview with a 'kind of Larry King'-figure and myself. Okay, I know I look like Sarah Palin, but that was the only option giving, so I went with it.
This first interview was triggered by an Oprah Winfrey contest. She is looking for ideas for her OWN network, but for some reason (and I trust it's a good one) only Americans can join the challenge. But being Dutch doesn't mean I didn't had any ideas. So I made this movie.
And I had SO much fun, I made another one. A box talking about the meaning of life. It's here.

And...yes...the fun was not over, so I made a second interview on the same subject and for some reason I let ''Larry'' end the interview with a comment about 'talking about your book', so I knew there was gonna be a third one. But before I came to that point, this big game of dominoes flipped over another piece first: a place to put these movies...our own online TV station! So Selfbuilding TV was born and after putting the movies in, I started with the third interview...and it came out so nice, that I decided to change my original pitch with this one! Let me know what you think!